Fairness and equality for all regarding opportunity is the primary basis for iGAMI. IGAMI’s viewpoint is that no gaming affiliate program and/or gaming establishment (casino, poker room, bingo hall, sportsbook,etc) should permit one partner to negatively affect another partner through the use of unethical practices. That is to say that each and every partner; affiliate or marketer should have the same equal opportunities for success.

Furthermore, it is our position that affiliates/marketers are worthy of timely payments when they are due, professional support and fair treatment. We shall endeavor to assure that each and every partner receives these services without exception. We shall continuously strive to assure that affiliations are in fact genuine partnerships. It should be noted that the goal of this ‘corporation’ will not be to make affiliates/marketers bigger profit margins, but to assure that they have a fair opportunity to do so.

Through the creation and subsequent enforcement of accepted codes of conduct iGAMI will make every effort to substantiate this philosophy and to ensure that all partners receive professional and equal treatment.

An impartial advisory board consisting of appointed officials and elected board members will be solely responsible for the administration of this written guide of codes. Through the use of ethical thinking the board will impartially decide, based on public dialogue, whether a particular behavior is right or wrong. They will then work with all individuals involved in a particular dispute to mediate an appropriate resolution to the situation based on the accepted codes of conduct.