CEO/Chairperson/Founder – The CEO (chief executive officer) is responsible for articulating the organization’s vision – mission and philosophy, public relations etc.

COO/President – The COO (chief operating officer)/President is responsible for overseeing the execution of the organizations vision – mission and philosophy.

CMO/Co-Chair – The CMO (chief marketing officer) is responsible for the advertising, marketing, and recruiting.

CTO/Co-Chair – The CTO (chief technology officer) is responsible for technical issues within the organization.

CFO/Co-Chair – The CFO (chief financial officer) is responsible for overseeing financial planning and record-keeping.

Executive Secretary – Assist management team in administrative duties, taking meeting minutes, contacting members, answering phone etc.

Chairperson of the Board – Leader of the iGAMI Advisory Board – (board of directors) assures that the board accomplishes goals.

Board Member(s) – The board members will discuss and oversee the enforcement of codes of conduct in addition to participating in the mediation process. They will work together with the iGAMI management team and play a part in organizations decision-making process including group votes when the need arises.

Forum Moderator(s) – The iGAMI Forum Moderator(s) monitor the Forum to ensure conduct and all posted information follows our posting guidelines.