ABOUT USĀ  igami.org

The International Gaming Affiliate Marketing Initiative – iGAMI.org, a non-profit organization was created to provide guidance and protection to all affiliates and marketers promoting online gaming. Guided by by-laws in all areas of our operation it shall be our goal to provide comfort to these individuals through assuring that they will be treated fairly and receive the same respect, treatment, and opportunities that all of their fellow colleagues do.

One of our primary guiding principles is that one partner must not be permitted to negatively affect another partner through the use of unethical practices. Each and every iGAMI-approved program has taken a pledge to continuously monitor their partner base to ensure that they are adhering to accepted codes of conduct.

All approved programs agree to work with us if it is determined that one of their partners is in fact doing something considered unethical. This process ensures that our workplace is a fair one and that each and every affiliate or marketer has the same opportunity for success.

Additionally, iGAMI shares the concerns of affiliates and marketers for prompt payments, knowledgeable support – both technical and administrative, accurate tracking and statistics, responsible behavior by the affiliate program, and being treated fairly and equally with regards to your fellow peers. Moreover and quite possibly most important, iGAMI strives to assure that affiliations are in fact genuine partnerships.

Each and every affiliate and marketer will be assured of professional treatment when they promote online gaming sites displaying the iGAMI Seal of Approval. If at any time you have an issue with an affiliate program for any reason please file a dispute with iGAMI and we will work for you to get the issue resolved in timely manner.

As a non-profit organization IGAMI does not have any intentions of profiting from the operation of this site. Any and all funds earned as a result of the operation of this site will be reported in quarterly reports for public review. These funds will be utilized first to cover operational expenses and any remainder will be reinvested back into the industry eg conferences, legal fees, insurance etc.

iGAMI is financed with the help of contributions from generous visitors like you. If you are interested in contributing and assisting the growth and success of this organization please take a few moments and donate today by clicking the link below.