Procedures for Mediation Support

If you have an issue with another webmaster/marketer or an affiliate program iGAMI is here to assist you. We shall vow to do our very best to resolve your dispute by negotiating with all parties involved; including but not limited to affiliate programs and/or other affiliate/marketers until a resolution can be reached.

During the dispute process you should be mindful that iGAMI does not have the authority to influence the outcome of any mediation, we can only pledge to advocate for good and fair process.

Only after you have made independent attempts to negotiate a successful resolution to your issue should you consider using our mediation service. At that time you should provide us with a succinct yet clear synopsis of your circumstances – this will permit us to offer you a higher quality mediation service.

Once your dispute is received we will contact you to confirm that we have received the dispute and assign the dispute a case number (year/date/#). At that time we will then provide you with any further instructions that might be required to complete our investigation(s).

Please note that if after our initial analysis we decide that you do not have a valid complaint we shall notify you as such and our participation as mediator of the case will end.

Once you have submitted your case and our investigations/mediation has began we ask that you do not post in our forum or in others regarding the ongoing investigation. Doing so may jeopardize the investigation and/or result in termination of our support.


IGAMI will be in contact with me and will, at that time, provide a case number and may request previous correspondences that may be beneficial to the investigation.

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